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Skin Cancer Treatments

We are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, early intervention and treatment of skin cancers. Our doctors are trained in examining your skin for signs of skin cancers and are trained in the use of dermoscopy to aid in the early detection of skin cancers.

Australians have a high rate of skin cancer and we are strong advocates of sun protection with sun avoidance behaviour. Staying out of the sun during the periods of highest UV, covering your skin using hats and long sleeved clothing and swimwear and using broad spectrum high protection sunscreen can protect you from UV radiation. During your consult we can provide advice on sunscreen that best suits your skin care needs and fits into your daily routine.

If during your consult a lesion is identified as being suspicious we are mostly able to perform a biopsy on the day of your consult and will arrange prompt follow up and management as required.

As dermatologists have a wide variety of treatment options and we can discuss with you the best options for your care. Treatment options for skin cancers depend on the type and extent of the malignancy and can include creams, liquid nitrogen, Photodynamic therapy and skin surgery.

We expertly manage skin cancer including skin surveillance and skin checks.