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Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating or Primary Hyperhidrosis is a chronic issue which often starts in teenage years. Sweating can involve your palms, soles, armpits, face or whole body and it can interfere with your daily activities and impact on your confidence.

There are many different treatment options to reduce the sweating including oral medications and physical therapies. Our doctors have experience in treating excessive sweating and will discuss your options for treatment with you.

Treatments options for hands and feet may include iontophoresis which is the passing of electrical current through water to these areas and is available at out clinic.

Treatment options for armpits may include anti sweating injections. To qualify for a government rebate for this treatment you need to have severe sweating and have failed topical anti sweating agents. All of our doctors are qualified and have experience in performing this procedure.

All of our doctors are members of Sweat Free Clinics.