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About clinic

Ashford Dermatology provides expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice for maintaining and improving skin health and appearance. Explore our website for information regarding our clinic, doctors and staff, services, procedures and products.

Note: We have moved to our new address on 1/1/2023 

6 Finniss Street, Marion SA 5043.


Our Services

Dermatologic Surgery

Medical Dermatology

Our Dermatologists are extensively trained for treating both adults and children. We treat all areas of the skin including hair, nails, mouth and genitals.

Broadband Ultraviolet Light

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating or Primary Hyperhidrosis is a chronic issue which often starts in teenage years.

Photodynamic Therapy

Skin Cancer Treatments

Our specialists have extensive training in the prevention, diagnosis, early intervention and treatment of skin cancers.


Other Treatments (UVB, Patch Tests)

UVB, Hand and foot PUVA, Wart treatments.

Cosmetic Treatments